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What's covered with an annual membership?

Unlimited 60-minute rides are included in the $25 annual membership. Each additional 30 minutes costs $1.50. For example, if you have a membership and you take a 2-hour ride, you will be charged $3.00.

When I’m done with my ride, can I park the bike anywhere?

No. When you end your ride, the bike must be parked and locked at one of the designated bike rack locations.

If I need to make a stop during my ride, can I park the bike at any location?

Yes, but there is no pausing your ride time. Any time spent during your stop counts toward your rental time. We also recommend bringing your own bike lock to secure the bike.

Are riders required to wear a helmet?

SusqueCycle does not require the use of a helmet, but it is strongly encouraged to always wear a helmet while riding a bike. Helmets are not provided, so you must bring your own.

Is there an age requirement for the bike share?

You must be 18 years or older to check out a bike.

How many bikes can I check out at once?

SusqueCycle members are allowed to check out 2 bikes at a time.

Where can my bike share bike go?

While you are using a SusqueCycle bike, you are free to ride it wherever you like. If you want to make a stop, you must lock the bike to a secure object (but never just lock the bike to itself). Before you end your bike trip, you must return your bike to an authorized SusqueCycle station. Trips won’t end unless the bike is locked to a station. Do not leave a bike anywhere else unless you have an active trip on the bike.

What do I do if I can’t lock my bike?

  • First, make sure there aren’t any spokes contacting the ring lock. Sometimes a spoke will seat up against the ring lock with enough pressure to keep the ring lock from retracting.

  • If the spokes are clear, double-check that you are entering the correct code, and try again after waiting for 30 seconds. If the lock won't close, make sure there are no spokes in the way.

  • If you hold the lock button until the light flashes, you should hear a mechanical noise from the ring lock itself. This means the ring lock is armed and ready to use. If you press and hold the button but hear no noise, there's a good chance the lock is already armed, and you can simply press down the orange tab to lock the ring.

  • Once the ring lock has been engaged and locked, make sure you plug the docking cable into the port on the top of the ring lock.

  • If you can’t secure your bike, please call 202-999-3924 right away!

What happens if the bike rack is full when I go to lock my bike?

If the bike rack is full, you can still lock your bike at the station. Simply park your bike next to the rack using the kickstand and proceed as you would normally locking the bike. The orange lever on the back wheel will lock the tire.

What do I do if there are mechanical issues with a bike?

If there are any technical difficulties or mechanical issues, you can submit a ticket on the app, or email, or call 313-217-9220. Then, return the bike to the nearest station. Once it's locked there, end your trip. We'll get the bike fixed up, but in the meantime you're free to start a ride on a new bike and get on your way.

How can my company or organization or I support SusqueCycle with a sponsorship?

Visit our sponsorship page here for details. We appreciate your interest! 

How does SusqueCycle work?

  1. Download the Movatic App on the Apple Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, search for SusqueCycle in the app. From there, you can sign up for the annual membership or unlock a bike for the pay-as-you go option. To unlock a bike, scan the QR code on the bike.

  2. Once you are connected, the ring lock on the back of the bike will click open, allowing you to remove the docking cable from the side of the ring lock.

  3. Before you ride, give the bike a quick check to make sure it is in proper working order and the seat is at a comfortable height. Now you are ready to ride!

  4. When you finish your ride, park it at a designated SusqueCycle station. Be sure to relock the bike.

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